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Located in the heart of downtown Seattle just one block northeast of our existing facility, the Washington State Convention Center’s Summit building will double the capacity of the Center’s offerings and is scheduled to open Spring 2022.


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Jeffrey A. Blosser
President & CEO


Throughout Washington and across the globe we are all working to stay healthy and safe, so I start this message by saying I hope you are well!

Construction continues for the Summit building, as it qualified as a permitted exception under Governor Inslee' Stay Home, Stay Healthy emergency order on construction and the subsequent Safe Start plan.

The general contractor, Clark | Lewis, is taking precautions to reduce the risk of infection on the construction site. Examples include frequent handwashing, establishing work protocols for social distancing, thorough cleaning of the site, use of personal protective equipment, requiring employees who are sick to stay home, and adhering to the Governor's Phase I Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements.

You may notice something interesting, with structural steel erection underway: Instead of a traditional, bottom-to-top approach, the team is constructing Summit from east-to-west, resulting in a shorter construction duration. You can see evidence of this in the annotated photo below.

The method, called “billboarding,” involves structural steel rising in one of five geographic zones at a time. Each zone will top out at full height as the next zone’s steel erection begins. This approach simplifies logistics and improves workflow.

Also below is a time-lapse video capturing construction activity from August 2018 through May 2020. It offers an interesting look at a building in the making and the ever-changing seasons of Seattle, proving that it doesn’t always rain in Seattle.

Summit is scheduled to open for business in the Spring 2022. While construction will be complete in early 2022, our teams will need time for the commissioning of systems, furniture and fixture installations, and final preparations to welcome our guests.

We really appreciate our clients and we know this is an extremely uncertain time to reimagine future events. Our staff continues to work remotely, and they are available to answer your questions about booking the Summit and Arch building separately or together as a package.

Questions about booking? Contact our sales team through our website or email.

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Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you at the Center!

Jeffrey A. Blosser
President & CEO

Summit Photo Annotated 1/24/2020